"I Miss The _ld" Armand" is a music video in which Armand_ Ram_s 1 is depicted going through his daily routine. Accompanying the video is the song "I Miss The Old Armand" written by Oreo129 and performed by Armand_ Ram_s.


"I Miss The Old Armand"

Written by Oreo129

Performed by Armand_ Ram_s

I miss the old Armand, straight from the 'Go Armand

Chop up the soul Armand, set on his goals Armand

I hate the new Armand, the bad mood Armand

The always rude Armand, spaz in the news Armand

I miss the sweet Armand, chop up the beats Armand

I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet Armand

See I invented Armand, it wasn't any Armand

And now I look and look around and there's so many Armand's

I used to love Armand, I used to love Armand

I even had the lumberjack beard, I thought I was Armand

What if Armand made a song, about Armand?

Called "I Miss The Old Armand," man that would be so Armand

That's all it was Armand, we still love Armand

And I love you like Armand loves Armand

I Miss The ld Armand-0

I Miss The ld Armand-0